Wedding Wednesday! “Real Bride” Chandra Gives Us The Scoop On Wedding Hair!

“Hair! It’s just something us girls can go rack our brains about and go bonkers over. I’m guilty of it (x’s like…a million). I was so torn on how I wanted to wear my hair for my wedding day. Up, down, half up, crazy up do? Ahh…so many options! What’s a girl to do? Alas, I decided to wear it down in loose curls…as pictured below.


It was all fine and dandy and looked great until we started to boogie down at the reception and my curls went bye-bye quicker than you can say ‘Hello, Texas Weather’! Mixed with the humidity and heat (in November…in Texas) with curls…yeah, it wasn’t such a good combo afterall. So, nowww I see why so many brides to be decide to go with up-do’s! Here are a few of my favorite up-do’s to make you look fabulous on your wedding day!”







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