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My husband Mike & I went to middle & high school together but didn’t interact until much later, on the social media platform, Myspace. He was moving to Florida where his family resided (as well as my mom’s side) around the same time I was moving to West Michigan. Kidding, I told him to say hi to my family for me.Fast forward 5 years, plug in both of us single and a new social media platform, Facebook and once again Mike & I caught up with each other. First, we started to comment on each other’s posts, then went we took it to email and then finally to talking on the phone. Our first phone conversation, which lasted 5 hours, was on NYE 2011. After I hung up the phone, I knew I wanted to marry him. I was laid off from my current job at the time and instead of trying to find another job in Michigan, I moved to Florida to be with Mike.
While dating we found out that his dad would go into my mom’s work (a shipping company) to ship Mike items that he needed in Florida (Connection 1). That Mike’s aunt’s best friend’s brother has been my mother’s best customer for over 10 years (Connection 2). And that one of my best guy friends, Marty, whom I met at the church we both attended at the time, also worked with Mike at a tent company and kept inviting Mike to come to church with him (Connection 3).Over the years God was setting up all these family / friend connections and social media platforms; giving us the opportunity to keep up with each other while He was planning our “Story”…
Mike proposed to me on my birthday, June 14th, and we married on his birthday, February 16th, 2014. We also choose February 16th because it was my parents 40th wedding anniversary. We began our marriage as they celebrated 40 years of wedding bliss! It was an incredibly special & beautiful day! :D
- Strace

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