Wedding Wednesday! How to Get Comfortable in Front of the Camera For Your Wedding Day!


 Okay, let’s face it – getting married can cause you to have enough butterflies as it is – let alone, throw a camera in there to record it all. I have personally deemed being a wedding photographer as one of the best jobs in the world. It is the most wonderful thing to be able to capture the most special day of a couple’s life! As a wedding photographer, I also know how uncomfortable & nervous people can feel in front of the camera. I love being behind the camera directing a couple into natural poses instead of being in front of it. I’ll admit, I personally feel like a fish out of water when the roles are reversed. Strange how that works, huh? However, when it came to my wedding day, I felt pretty comfortable in front of the camera. You want to know why? Because I had an engagement session with my hubby-to-be beforehand! For all of my clients who I will be photographing on their wedding day, I always, always, ALWAYS  (did I emphasize “always” enough?) encourage an engagement session before their actual wedding day.


I do this for several reasons. Not only does this freeze frame time and holds as an everlasting keepsake for a wonderful time in both of your lives, but it also helps get you comfortable in front of the camera & gives you time to build a relationship with your photographer. Think about it – your photographer is going to be with you the ENTIRE day of your wedding. From the very beginning when the bride is getting ready, all the way to your get-a-way exit for the night – your photographer is going to be right by your side. With that being said, you definitely want to have some sort of friendship with them. I will say first-hand – I have cried, laughed, gotten butterflies and felt so much love at all of the weddings I have shot. This is because I have built some sort of friendship with my couples. It doesn’t feel like I’m shooting just some random strangers wedding – no, it’s more like I’m shooting my friend’s wedding, and that makes it so much more special…not only for me, but for all of my couple’s as well. So, having an engagement session with your photographer is important. You want to hire a photographer you both feel comfortable around. Another great way to get a feel for this is to schedule a meeting with them via phone, Skype or a Face-to-Face meeting before the big day. Lastly, a tip on how to get comfortable in front of the camera before your wedding day is to do a little research! If you have hired a photographer, visit their website and look at some of the poses and shots they have captured with past brides. This will give you an idea of their style of shooting and will give you an idea of what to expect on your wedding day.





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