Wedding Wednesday! Chandra Talks All About Photography On Your Big Day!

It’s your wedding day – you blink – and it’s over with! Yes, it really does seem to go by that fast! Thankfully, you will have photos afterwards that will help you re-live your special day and allow you to revisit it all over again through the photos. As a wedding photographer myself, ( I do take my job very seriously! Things don’t always go as planned, but having a “Plan” or also known as a “Timeline” for the entire day (yes, this needs to be in small increments of time) in detail not only keeps you and your wedding party on track, but it also helps the photographer immensely when it comes to knowing what is happening next. A timeline will let us know where we need to be and when, and it also allows us to have free reign when it comes to having time to get artistic shots of your wedding set-up. It also allows us to get all of the little details of the wedding day.



 (Photo by Chandra’s Collection Photography)

Another tip that I recommend to all brides who have hired a photographer for their wedding day: Tell your photographer about the details. We are not going to know about the special locket your grandmother gave to you that’s hidden under the pile of clothes in your suitcase the day of the wedding. You need to let us know! Lol I always ask my clients if there are any special pieces to their wedding that I just cannot miss! I also ask my clients to bring one of their invitations or save-the-dates! This can make for a cute photo opportunity the day of the wedding. So, brides, make a list! Who doesn’t love a list, right? Not. I know it can be a pain, but in the long run – you will be so glad you made that little list  because you will have EVERYTHING you need. You can be prepared the night before and have everything checked off on your list and it will be smoooooooth sailing the next day! Having a well-planned wedding day can be SO much easier on you and your beau – as well as your photographer J Take the time and plan everything out – you won’t regret it.


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