Wedding Wednesday! Real Bride Chandra Talks About The Top 5 Tips to Make Your Wedding Day Easier!

Top 5 tips to make your wedding day easier!

As we have all heard or have had the experience of learning ourselves…wedding days can be a tad bit stressful! Especially if you’re not 100 percent prepared for the big day when it comes down to the nitty gritty details! I was in a frenzy trying to get ready on my wedding day…let me share a few of my MUST DO’s in order to make your wedding day go as smoothly as possibly…

  1. GET READY EARLY! – This is where I flubbed big time and it made the rest of the day a bit hectic. I usually don’t take long to get ready on a normal day (when I’m not being A.D.D and find everything else to do under the sun while I’m supposed to be getting ready) and I assumed I’d give myself about an hour extra to get ready on my wedding day. WRONG. After looking back on it, I reeeeeealllly wished I had of started getting ready the morning of and strategized a timeline where I had at least an hour or so in the afternoon to just relax and attempt to remain calm with my bridesmaids. NOPE – wasn’t happening. I was rushing out the door putting on my diamond studded earrings as everyone was about to stand for my entrance. Whew. Looking back at pictures, I realized I forgot my mascara! Not a huge biggie, but little things like that can be avoided when you have enough time to double check over everything.
  1. Make sure you bridal party is on time! There’s nothing worse than fearing one of your bridesmaids not showing up on time who carry a track record of being notoriously late to everything. I told my girls to be at my place an hour before I actually needed them there.
  1. Make sure you schedule time for your photographer! Being a wedding photographer myself, I have found that the earlier I arrive, the better. Not only do I want to allow myself enough time to shoot all of the pretty little details, but I want to have enough time to shoot candids of the bride & bridesmaids getting ready…along with a billion other things. But seriously, you won’t regret having lots of wonderful pictures of your wedding day!
  1. Bring an extra pair of shoes! (Comfortable Flats) Trust me, just do it. J
  1. DO NOT BRING YOUR CELL PHONE TO YOUR WEDDING! I repeat: DO NOT BRING YOUR CELL PHONE TO YOUR WEDDING. Okay, I will be the first to admit that the i-phone does play a significant part in my business & social life, but hey – not on your wedding day, okay. Don’t worry about trying to take memorable pictures – that’s why you hire a professional photographer to get all of those great shots for you! Don’t worry about Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or any of that nonsense…because TODAY is about you and your hubby – starting a brand new life together! Soak it in, enjoy it & make it memorable because your wedding day will never come again.

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