Wedding Wednesday! Should you downsize your wedding?

Should you downsize your wedding?

This is a topic I jumped back and forth to for a solid few months. Keep in mind that this is a topic that is just from my personal experience, and should not hinder your decision making in any way, just possibly shed light from a different perspective.

The never-ending question: Should we have the whole sha-bang with hundreds of people involved or should we have more of an intimate wedding with our family & closest friends to share it with us?  Initially, I never thought twice about NOT inviting everyone we knew under the sun. Why? Because it was our wedding and well, by golly, I wanted everyone and their momma to be a part of it. A few months into the wedding planning, our guest list racked up and easily topped over 400 people. Woah. I didn’t even think I knew that many people. Once you sit down and list people off, the number tends to skyrocket unexpectedly. About a month prior to making my big decision to change venues, I was also seriously throwing around the idea of cutting our guest list in half. And then in half again. Why you ask? I had talked to a few of my married friends and every single one of them said the same thing….they hated the fact that there were SO many people at their weddings. They all mentioned that if they could re-do their wedding day all over again, they would have just had their closest friends and family there to celebrate…and not every single one of their neighbors’ best friends’ cousin.

I mean, think about it…5 years from now, is Joe Dirt (your best friends 2nd cousin) going to look back on your wedding day and be filled with butterflies and have sparkles in their eyes thinking about the day you two professed your undying love for each other, or is he going to look back and think about how much free beer he scored at the reception?  After much deliberation and discussion with my hubby, we decided to karate chop our guest list in half. Yes, we knew feelings were probably going to be hurt, but we hoped that people would understand. Our guest list teetered at the 100 person mark. By cutting our guest list down, not only did it save us a ton of money and allow us to mingle during our wedding reception and actually know every single person there…they were all people we genuinely cared for and had friendships with. After the fact, I am very happy with the choice of cutting down our guest list…I actually know everyone in our pictures! lol


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