Wedding Wednesday! “Real Bride” Chandra Dishes About Spoiling Your Maids- The Budget Friendly Way!

Last week I chatted with you guys about choosing your maid(s) of honor – this week I will be talking about how to go the extra mile and spoil your maid(s) of honor & bridesmaids while keeping it budget friendly.

Not only was my wedding day a very special day for my husband & I, it was also a unforgettable memory to have all of my best friends right by my side! I wanted to make sure that I made them feel extra special and appreciated for being one of my best gals since I was a wee little lad.

Let’s face it – we all wish we could have piles of cash sitting on our beds while we throw $100 dollar bills up in the sky and make it “rain” on us and our best girlfriends. Oh, wait…maybe that’s just me. Uhhh anyways, moving on…we all wish we had a ton of money to spend on our special gals, but truth is – that may not be the fact of the matter. So, what do we do? We put our creativity to the test and IMPROVISE! Let me tell you how I did a little something special for my best girls on my big day…

Have you ever heard of the online community and website called Etsy? If not – you will thank me later. Go visit the site now. Not only does it have the most unique ideas of all time, but most of the items sold there are hand-crafted to perfection with a creative touch at a reasonable price.  I wanted to come up with a way to create a little goody bag for each of my girls without them having the notion to throw them under their beds two days later…I wanted it to be a keepsake for them.

I started out by purchasing tote bags like these…

I then picked out goodies full of glitter and fun to fill it up with. Choose things that are special to you and your girls! This does not have to break the bank either. You can create customized gifts that are cost effective. For example, you could print out a photo of you and each of your bridesmaids & frame it! Put some thought and effort into it and make it something they will want to display in their home. I’ve seen the wedding playlist put onto cd’s with a few extra tracks of someone’s favorite songs! You could even get t-shirts made for the special occasion and have all of your girls wear them for the big day. The possibilities are endless and this is an extra incentive to take a trip to Michael’s craft store and get extra creative!


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