Wedding Wednesday! Our Real Bride Chandra gives us the scoop on How to get the MOST out of your photo-shoot!

Let’s face it – it isn’t likely that you have professional photos taken of yourself every day, so when you go out to finally get in front of the camera to have beautiful pictures taken of yourself – you want them to turn out spectacular & worth every penny that you spent on them.

As an owner of my own photography business, (Chandra’s Collection Photography} I will give you the best tips that I can muster up to help make your ‘Shining Moment’ the very best to date!

Tip 1: Settle on a location – one that YOU love.

If you are more of a city gal, go with a city skyline backdrop or a chic hotel downtown. If you’re more of the natural or boho-chic gal – find an empty field with swaying grass & beautiful oak trees. I’m telling you – the way the sunset hits the grass will be phenomenal! Whatever the case may be, choose something that speaks to you and represents YOU – not your best friend, not your great grandma…something that you will still love years down the road or a location that may personally special to you. Do your research…spend a few hours on a Saturday afternoon scouting locations so you will the exact look in your photos that you are envisioning.


Your wardrobe should be carefully thought out and again, something that represents you. But keep in mind – photo shoots can also represent something ‘make-believe’ or something out of a ‘fantasy land’. The best thing about photo shoots are that you can be who ever you choose to be or want to be on that particular day. So, if you just feel like getting dressed up like a pretty princess – well then, by gollie do it & go all out! I’m talking glitter, tutu’s, sparkly heels, pink lipstick & curls. Have FUN with it! Remember: The little details matter & bring the entire look together. Make it a memorable experience so years down the road you will look back at the photos and it will immediately draw a smile onto your face. Do something for you, do something different!  Always remember: Life is short, buy the glitter stilettos! ;)

Tip 3: Practice your faces in the mirror! SELFIE TIME!

Okay, I know you are probably thinking…”I’m NOT doing that, how cheesy.” But you’re probably smiling while you’re reading this because you’re thinking how goofy it sounds. But I can assure you; it will make a big difference when it comes to the day of your shoot. I know that because I personally have been in this exact situation. A friend of mine took my headshots…and when I was looking back through the photos, I couldn’t help but giggle a little when I saw my so-called “seductive face” ended up looking like a mixture between Zoolander and Barney. After practicing a few faces in the mirror & taking a few selfies to make sure the ‘look’ translated on camera well, I had it down! I was ready for my close-up & you will be too!

Tip 4: Get dolled up by a professional hair & Make Up artist!

It’s time for your close-up & I highly recommend to all of my clients to get their hair & makeup done by a professional. You deserve to be pampered and feel extra special on your big day! This not only makes you sparkle a little brighter, but it also brings more confidence to your shoot – which will totally show on camera! If your hair & make up are on point, you will feel like you should be on America’s Next Top Mode within the next fifteen minutes. It brings an extra sense of confidence that I think is great for a shoot. Also, keep in mind – a professional make up artist/hairstylist is not as pricey as you may think. Connect with friends on your social media accounts to see if they have any recommendations – word of mouth is one of the best ways to find an artist.

Well, there you have it – my top 4 tips that will help make your photo shoot the BEST photo shoot you’ve ever had! Be sure to check out my website to stay up with the latest shoots I’ve been working on!


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