Wedding Wednesday! Our “Real Bride” Chandra Gives Us The Inside Scoop On The One Thing She Would Change About Her Wedding Day!

Recapping the wedding!

Months and months of anticipating of our special day and then FINALLY the wedding day  arrived! We blink, and it’s over with. Yes, it seemed as though it went by that quickly! However, Daniel and I made a conscious effort to soak up every part of our special day! It was the most magical day of all time, and the fact that we have those wonderful memories along with pictures of the day will always be there to serve as a reminder.

When it comes to changing anything on our day…would I? Yes. Only one slight change – I would have chosen a venue with an indoor area to our liking JUST in case it rained. Brides – I will tell you, it was a nervous, uneasy feeling having to wait out the weather just hours before our wedding! We didn’t have a back-up plan. I bet you just cringed at that statement, huh? So did I. Well, we did (sorta) but it was in a dingy, dark room and I kind of just refused to have it in there. So, we prayed and prayed that the rain would hold off! Thank goodness, it did! We missed the storm by a hair. The day of the wedding, my coordinator called me around 8am. She said I had a really tough decision to make (at that time, I hadn’t even looked outside). It was gray and drizzling. Oh, no! My heart sunk. I pulled out my handy i-phone and looked at the weather. According to The Weather Channel, the rain was supposed to clear up by 3pm – an HOUR before our ceremony. Hallelujah! I insisted on still having it outside and thankfully, the skies parted and we danced under the stars all night long. But WHEW – was that stressful or what? What if it had of been raining cats and dogs and all of my hard work and planning came to a crashing halt and we had to have it in that dingy, dark room? That would have been SUCH a letdown. So, what I’m saying to all of my soon-to-be brides – don’t make the same mistake I did…have a backup plan! A GOOD backup plan that you would be just as happy with if the weather went array!  I thought, eh, what are the chances of rain in November? Boy, was I wrong! Can you say torrential downpour just hours before our ceremony!?

But besides all that jazz…looking back on our wedding day brings a gleaming smile to my face. Seeing Daniel & getting to celebrate the love we have for each other was a once in a lifetime kind of feeling.


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