6 Simple Ways to Save Hundreds on Wedding Flowers

6 Simple Ways to Save Hundreds on Wedding Flowers

Whether they choose silky white roses, romantic stargazer lilies or cheery sunflowers, brides are often shocked by the high cost of wedding flowers.  And that’s no surprise, as the average bride spends nearly $2,000 on flowers for her wedding!  If spending this much on flowers for your wedding is not in your budget, don’t fret.  There are a myriad of ways to slash your flower spending – beyond just getting quotes from multiple florists – without impacting the look and feel of your wedding.

1.  Use in-season blossoms
You can save 50% or more on flowers if you opt for blooms that are in-season, which tend to be more readily available (Bridal Guide put together this list to help you determine what’s in-season and when).  You might want to tell your florist your color scheme, give her photos of bouquets you like, provide your budget and ask her to create bouquets and arrangements that fit within those criteria using readily available blossoms. You may not get the exact flower you want, but you’ll get something similar and significantly less expensive.
2. Time it right
Having a wedding near a major holiday like Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day or Christmas can sometimes add to the cost of your flowers. The reason: Florists sometimes charge more around holidays due to the high demand for flowers during these times. If you have the option to move your date a bit, ask the florist if they would charge less if you had your wedding a few weeks before/after your desired date.

3. Fake it when you can

Sometimes, you can use fake flowers – which can save you a ton of money – and your guests will ever even know! Check out my post on DIY wedding projects (see #4) for one way to incorporate fake flowers into your wedding.  Basically, it’s safe to use fake flowers if the guests are relatively far away from the arrangements and thus unlikely to be able to tell the flowers are fake.

4. Use the pop-of-color approach
Rather than using a ton of flowers in a bouquet or arrangement, opt for a lot of greenery – it tends to be significantly cheaper than flowers – with just a few brightly colored flowers mixed in. Consider using large flowers like peonies in these bouquets as their size helps give a maximum pop-of-color effect. These flowers will make a big statement against all the greenery! Plus, this means that you might be able to afford to have your favorite flowers in your bouquet now.
5. Have your flowers do double duty
To save a chunk of change, reuse the flowers from your ceremony at your reception.  For example, use some of the arrangements from your ceremony to decorate the cake and/or buffet tables.
6. Buy the flowers at a warehouse club
If you or a friend are good at arranging flowers, consider buying your flowers from somewhere like Costco or Sam’s, which can save you hundreds of dollars.  Talk to the sales team at the stores to see what they can order for you and any deals they might have.


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