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What Should a Wedding Cost?

What Should a Wedding Cost? BY CATEY HILL Almost every future bride has a moment when she wonders: How can my wedding be costing this much?! Don’t worry, that’s totally normal — and it’s true, weddings can be pricey.  So what’s “normal” for a wedding to cost? Estimates on what …


DIY Wedding Favors

DIY Wedding Favors by Nicole Brewer Traditionally, wedding favors are given out to guests as mementos from your wedding. But the truth …


PlanningThe Bachelorette Party

PlanningThe Bachelorette Party by Katrina Mitzeliotis While bachelorette parties in movies always seem to incorporate pink cocktails and corny games, there are …


Big Day Savings

Big Day Savings by Nicole Brewer This week, I did a segment on ways to save on your wedding day. Here are …