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Hannah Andrew Kiss

Engagement Stories: Hannah and Andrew

Super romantic at home proposal

First comes love then comes marriage—but first, the engagement! Here at David’s Bridal we’re all about celebrating new beginnings. So we’re diving a little bit deeper in to those moments before the aisle, learning all about a bride’s proposal, wedding vision, and style before the big day. And we’re starting with one of our own! Hannah from our Gifts & Decor team recently had a romantic at home proposal and obviously the office is abuzz with even more wedding excitement than usual. From how they met, their engagement, her wedding style and more, read on for a peek at the beginning of Hannah’s wedding journey.

Congratulations on your engagement! How did you and your fiancé meet?

We actually met standing in line at a 76ers game. I was there with my friend & he was there with his, we were standing behind them in the line to get in and he turned around asked if I wanted to get a drink at halftime, a few months later we starting dating. He wants to use the hashtag #OnceUponALine for our wedding. 

How did you know your fiancé was the one?!

I think I knew fairly quickly, he has this positive energy about him that just lights up a room I knew I wanted to be around that forever. 

Tell us your engagement story!

So I truly was surprised it happened the night it did. I went to happy hour with my two best friends and when I came back I opened the door to find our apartment was completely decked out in tons of pictures of us and candles and flower petals. He actually created a path for me to follow where he was at the end and proposed 🙂 After that he took me down to the lobby of our building & like 50 of our family and friends were waiting there I basically just cried the whole time. 

When is the wedding?

Our wedding is June 2021 in Long Branch NJ. Being at the beach was important to me.  I’m going for a modern-boho vibe. I wanted to find a venue that was kinda a blank space so it could be transformed into anything we want. The ceremony will be on the beach and the reception is in this really cool hotel that has a beautiful new event space. I fell in love with the floor to ceiling windows. 

Has working at David’s Bridal inspired your wedding planning?

Absolutely! I buy gifts and decor so I’m constantly looking at weddings & new trends. I’m also super aware of how HARD wedding planning is (especially when you’re working with a blank slate). I knew I wouldn’t be able to bring my visions to life alone so I’m actually working with a wedding planner!

Hannah Ring Selfie

Where are you in your wedding planning journey?

We just finalized the venue! I have not started dress shopping yet and my biggest problem is I love everything. Working here actually makes things harder because I see new styles everyday that make me rethink what I want.  It’s going to be really hard for me to pick one dress, so maybe I’ll have two 🙂 We’ll see! 

Being able to have your besties by your side is so special, how did you pop the question?

Since I literally buy bridesmaids gifts for a living this was one of the first things I did! This was actually something I know how to do! I created a proposal box that had a card, wine, scrunchies, pearl clips & some sparkly hoop earrings. I just wanted the box to be fun and make my bridesmaids excited. I’m having 9 so it can be hard to build 9 gifts and not spend a ton of money but I was happy with how everything turned out.

Bridesmaid Proposal Box

Clips, Earrings, Champagne flutes

We’re sure you’ve received countless wedding tips / advice since working at David’s Bridal and since getting engaged? Is there one piece of advice that you can share with any recently engaged brides?

I think just pausing sometimes and remembering that the wedding is about love and having fun. As long as you are marrying the person you love and you’re surrounded by your family and friends the rest is just extra. 

Hannah and Andrew Real Engagement

Life is full of amazing, magical moments and we can’t wait to be there along the way. For every special dress, accessory, or memento that life calls for. Are you recently engaged and ready to get planning? Sign up to be the first to know about the latest trends, launches, and inspiration throughout your wedding journey and beyond.

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