Always a Bridesmaid …

If this title caught your attention, it is likely that you will soon be taking part in the wedding of your special friend or relative. Always keep in mind that it is an important role, and one that is a great honor. How many times in your life will you get to represent the interests of someone going through such a big change in their life? You are standing up at the altar as you witness a marriage! You want to be wearing the most beautiful dress imaginable, and you want to look stunning.

Traditionally, the bride makes the choice for bridesmaid dress. If you are very lucky, she may give you a few choices that she has already narrowed down, and it will be up to you and the other bridesmaids to make your selection from those options.  What you can do, however, to guarantee that she chooses from among the best dresses available is steer her in the right direction in the first place!  Have her go to David’s Bridal to choose the bridesmaid dresses as she shops for her own gown; they have a huge selection of styles and colors and she can’t go wrong.

Chances are, she will listen to your advice if you are important enough to her to be in her bridal party. Remember that it’s important to select the bridesmaid attire early, so you can be sure to look your beautiful best up there next to her on that big day.


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