12-12-12 “Real Bride and Groom” Tammy and Jason Tie The Knot!

Good Morning DB Readers! As 12-12-12 was the last consecutive iconic date of the century, we are finishing up recounting our “real brides” (and grooms!) who decided to tie the knot of this interesting date! As it happened to fall on a Wednesday, couples all over the globe were able to have special ceremonies and save money, too! Tammy and Jason from Austin, TX loved the iconic date because it was the last time it would come around this century! Read more about Tammy and Jason’s love story below, and check out a few photos from their wedding!

“I have many reasons for picking 12-12-12. This is the last time we will see this type of date for I believe 100 years and for sure the last triple date of my life time. I am not a numbers person. However, this date has stuck with me since I knew I wanted a special date. It is also the end of Mayan Calendar. It is said that 12 is a lucky number. However, due to the unique date this is why I chose 12-12-12 not just the meaning of  the date illustrates Harmony, Happiness, and Prosperity.”

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