Read a touching story about one of our 12-12-12 “Real Brides” and how she reconnected with her soul mate!

Good Afternoon! Today we are recounting our “real brides” who decided to get married on the iconic 12-12-12 date that just passed! Tadia Whitner has a very touching story about how “if it’s meant to be, it will be!” Read more about her story below, and see the gorgeous pictures from her wedding!

“I tried to think about why we chose 12/12/12 …I guess sometime in late 2010, I thought it would be neat (and lucky) to get married on 12/12/12 because it would be the last recurring date until 3001.  I figured if I were going to get married that would be the day I wanted to do it. I wasn’t even dating anyone at that point.  In June 2011, a friend of mine wanted to get in touch with someone in the video game industry.  Brian, who works in the video game industry, and I had dated in college and kept in touch on social media.  I sent him a message on Facebook and we started to talking.  A few months later, Brian told me he always felt that I was “the one that got away”.  He told me that he wanted to date seriously with the goal of getting married.  I told him I wanted to get married on 12/12/12, he said that was not a problem for him and basically he made it happen.  He courted me long distance from Baton Rouge, LA.  In December 2011, he took me home to Pennsylvania to meet his parents.  In July 2012, he moved from Baton Rouge to Lawrenceville, GA because my newly formed law firm was doing so well.   The rest is history.  I asked Brian why we picked 12/12/12 and he said because I had my heart set on that date and it was his job in life to give me whatever my heart desired.  I figure there was not a better reason than that!”


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