Monday Monday! Couples around the globe are celebrating 12-12-12 in style!

Good Morning DB Readers! As 12-12-12 is fast approaching, we are recounting stories from around the globe! Alysen Hargrove and Tommy Cowan  from Denver, CO are celebrating their upcoming wedding in Costa Rica for a varietyof reasons! The most special reason is because the couple got engaged on 11-11-11 last year, and the couple loves numerology!  12 a symbol of wholeness and completion. Since December is the twelfth month, couples with end-of-the-year weddings planned often take advantage of the concept that their wedding represents an ‘out with the old, in with the new’ mentality. To read more about why couples are getting married on 12-12-12, read the entire article here!

Here is a photo of Alyssa and her soon to be husband, Tommy!

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