Katrina’s Favorite Fall Fashion Trends

Favorite Fall Trends

by Katrina Mitzeliotis

A new season is a great time to experiment with new trends. While I am just as guilty as anyone when it comes to working with silhouettes, shades and styles I feel most comfortable in, this season I decided to experiment with a few different looks — and I loved the way it worked out, and hopefully you will too!


I wouldn’t usually see a red dress and feel inclined to try it on, but considering it’s everywhere, (and on everyone from Kate Hudson to Taylor Swift!), it was now or never for me! The color is so hot this season — and it’s a vibrant way to stand out! If an all-over red dress is a bit much, try tucking a red blouse into a leather or faux leather skirt if you want to give the look a little edge.

Style A12897

Statement Pieces

While I love piling on the jewelry, I wasn’t always a big fan of the statement necklace — until I finally tried it! The key is finding a necklace that hits you at the right place — and depending on your outfit that could vary. While necklaces look gorgeous with a cocktail dress, it’s also a great way to dress up basic jeans. I also like wearing a button-up all buttoned and sporting the necklace under the collar under the shirt.

Style 225941


This is another formal trend I’ve always loved on the red carpet — but never thought I could pull off! At 5’2, I’m not working with much height — and that’s exactly why I usually wouldn’t want to wear a gown. While this summer I definitely got more comfortable with the idea, (thanks to the maxi dress trend), I didn’t muster up the courage to try a gown with a slit until this season. I like the way the slit lets you show a little skin — it’s a nice way to break up the dress so you don’t feel like you’re swimming in fabric.

Style F44447


The fabric came back in a big way this season — and there’s so many ways to wear it! While this is definitely a trend I was most hesitant to try, I started with my accessories — and you can do the same with this sash! Wearing a velvet belt with your basic little black dress can add an instant dressed up, trendy factor to your ensemble.

Style VW370045

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