Hispanic Wedding Traditions

Hispanic Wedding Traditions

by Carmen Ondonez

When my husband and I got married five years ago, we wanted to make sure that our Hispanic culture and traditions were reflected on our big day, but it was so overwhelming to blend so many customs into one ceremony. The key is to decide which traditions are most important to you and it can be easier than you think! Here are some to think about to help you get started:

Ceremony Traditions

  • The Lasso– In many Latin countries, such as Spain and Mexico, it’s traditional for a lasso or rosary beads to be placed around the couple’s shoulders in a figure eight shape. This symbolizes the unbreakable bond between the bride and groom and the protection of marriage.
  • Unity Candle– The bride and groom each light a candle after the wedding ceremony and then use each of their candles to light a third one together. This symbolizes unity and a new life together.
  • Blending of Sands– Similar to the unity candle, the bride and groom each have a vase filled with sand of a different color, which are combined into one vase. This symbolizes unity and eternity, since the sand grains can never be separated. My husband and I actually incorporated this custom in our own wedding and we still have our vase tucked away in a special place in our home!

Wedding Attire

  • The Mantilla Veil- The mantilla veil originated in Spain toward the end of the 16th century and is one of my favorites. The mantilla is a gorgeous veil with lace edging that can add instant Latin flair to any wedding dress. I’m in love with this one from David’s Bridal

Style 269

Another easy way to add a latin flair to your big day is with some great Spanish music. To this day, I remember how much fun my husband and I had on the dance floor when “Cumbia” and “Puya” music (a traditional Colombian music genre with African roots) played during our wedding.

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