DIY Wedding Favors

DIY Wedding Favors

by Nicole Brewer

Traditionally, wedding favors are given out to guests as mementos from your wedding. But the truth is—most guests dread receiving another knick knack that will collect dust, and inevitably be tossed out. Since the intention is really to thank every guest who came to support and witness your marriage, it’s no surprise that many couples are taking the DIY approach to wedding favors.

Sweet Treats
Simple snacks make delicious edible favors that won’t go to waste. Buy your favorite sweet or salty treat in bulk and find innovative ways to package them. Then, shop craft stores or online shops for discount boxes or bags and wrap with a ribbon or personalized sticker. It’s all about the packaging, so finding the right presentation can transform inexpensive treats into sophisticated gifts worthy of the celebration—like these great favor boxes.

Style FBurstBx

Green Day
Today, it’s all about going green. A green offering can also represent growth and new beginnings. Available at bulk prices, consider individually potted flowers or seeds that mean something to you as a couple. Personalize with your names, wedding date or a special message and give them something to nurture and care for, like any new relationship.

Style EB2114

Digital Age
Creating a CD of your favorite songs or reception tunes is a great keepsake your guests will enjoy and share with others. After all, music is the universal language. But for something totally different, consider creating a DVD. Before your big day, film a short video of you and your fiancé thanking everyone who was there to support you. Burn copies of the DVD and tie a pretty ribbon around it with a hangtag for a personalized touch.

Style 10-1704-J

When it comes to wedding favors, why not give ‘em something to talk about? With a little creativity, you can easily create a favor for under a buck each, that your guests will appreciate, long after the cake and the last dance!

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