Bridal Boot Camp Part 1: Getting Started!

Bridal Boot Camp Part 1: Getting Started!
by Nicole Brewer

You’ve found your dream dress and you deserve to look fabulous in it! If your dress is a halter style, sleeveless or strapless, your shoulders, arms and back will be on display. If you chose a fit-and-flare silhouette you’ll surely want your hips, abs and backside to look their best. It’s a lot to think about. But don’t get overwhelmed. Now is a perfect time to start a fitness program!

Cardio: The Basics
Want to see real results? Workout smart. Combine consistent, high intensity cardio workouts with a strength training program. What’s high intensity? It’s simple: cardiovascular workouts focus on raising your heart rate to burn more calories. So, work out at a challenging pace or intensity. Whether you use cardio machines or prefer to walk, jog or run outside, make sure you’re sweating within the first 10 minutes. If you can carry on a conversation, it’s time to increase your intensity. Group fitness classes ROCK! Even if you’re new to fitness, check out high energy, calorie blasting workouts like Spinning, Zumba and Turbo Kick and watch your body transform!

Strength Training: The Basics
Cardio workouts are great for losing any unwanted pounds as well as maintaining a healthy weight, but if you want to change the shape of your body it’s all about strength training. Not sure what that really means? No worries. Yoga, free weights, nautilus equipment and resistance bands are strength training tools. Whether you use your own body weight, like in Yoga poses or lift weights, finding a resistance program that you can stick to at least two to three times per week is all that matters.

Sticking With It: The Basics
Like most things, if you enjoy something, you’ll stick with it. The key to seeing results is being consistent. So, create a realistic workout plan with activities and workouts you enjoy and get into the groove of getting fit and you will look great in your gown!

Do’s & Don’ts
• Stay hydrated. Drink lots of water and reduce (or skip) those sugar drinks.
• Eat clean. Fuel your workouts with healthy, balanced meals loaded with fruits, vegetables, low fat dairy, lean protein and whole grains.
• Skip crash diets. The results are only temporary.
• Rest. Enjoy your off days and don’t stress about missed workouts.
• Splurge. Don’t deny yourself an occasional splurge or treat.

Check back on July 3 for more tips on how to get bridal boot camp ready for your Big Day!

Biggest Losers, Ryan Kelley and Carla Triplett and me at the San Francisco Triathlon

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