How to Dress Down Your Prom Dress

How to Dress Down Your Prom Dress
by Cassandra Morris

You’re totally in love with your prom dress. The color is oh-so flattering, the skirt makes dancing ten times more fun and putting it on makes you feel like Taylor Swift every time she’s ever won an award. If only you could wear it every day… or at least more than once!

If you’ve got a slew of summer parties coming up or are planning a big night out in the city, you can totally wear your prom dress again. All you have to do is dress it down a bit!

Add a Jacket
Tossing a jacket over your dress can instantly turn your prom gown into a more casual number. Pair a cropped denim or mini zip jacket with a long dress, or match a cute long blazer with a shorter dress.

Switch Your Shoes
Kick off your sky-high prom stilettos and slip on a pair of flat fashion shoes instead. If your dress is long and flowy, go for a pair of open-toed sandals. If your hem is above the knee, a pair of wooden wedges or ballet flats will do. And, if you’re feeling adventurous, lace up a pair of combat-esque boots to go with your prom dress for a punk rock princess vibe.

It’s All About the Hair
Instead of spending hours on an intricate up ‘do accented with a crystal comb, wear your hair in a more casual style. Go for messy, beachy summer waves, a flirty loose ponytail or an imperfect side braid to turn your entire ensemble into one less formal.

Change Your Jewelry
Accessories can dictate just how formal your outfit is. Trade delicate, precious-gem necklaces and bracelets for larger costume jewelry like this David’s Bridal black flower necklace and watch how your dress is instantly more wearable for every day events.

Play With Your Hem
If you wore a fitted, floor-length gown to prom, consider taking it to the tailor and turning it into a high-low hem instead. Or, have your dress shortened so it’s above-the-knee. That way you still get to wear the sweet neckline and fun sequins on the bodice that made you fall in love your dress in the first place.

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