Meet the “Sketch Your Prom Dress” Winner!

Meet Samantha Bryant who will be posting a couple of blogs about her experience with the “Sketch Your Prom Dress” contest and being named the winner.

“New York was a truly amazing experience. My favorite part was touring the design studio at David’s Bridal. I met all the designers who worked on the prom dress competition, including Juliana Chan, who explained how she took my dream and brought it into a stunning reality.

The designers offered me so much insight into the industry, from spotting trends to marketing the final product. I was delighted to see that they still create sketches through hand illustrations rather than on the computer. In the fabric lab, I learned about the complicated process of selecting fabrics. On another floor, we got to meet the pattern makers, who drafted the patterns used to create the prom dress samples. Everyone at the studio was super and nice, and reinforced my desire to become a fashion designer.

On the final day I went to the David’s Bridal store on Sixth Avenue and did a TV interview for a morning lifestyles show. I got to try on the dress, and I couldn’t be happier with the way it looks:) I’m super excited to wear it to my school’s prom in a few months.”
by Samantha Bryant

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