Quinceañera Fashions: Buying an Unforgettable Dress and Accessories

Quinceañera Fashions: Buying an unforgettable dress and accessories
by Carmen Ordonez

Your Quinces is such an important Hispanic tradition and celebration in any young girl’s life, so you want to make sure your dress is just as unforgettable. I remember when I turned 15, it was all about the dress. My Latina mom, of course, wanted me to wear a dress with huge puffy shoulder pads and sleeves in hot pink that made me look more like a quarterback then a Quinceañera. We finally compromised and I ended up wearing a long white simple beaded dress. I still have it ‘til this day and it was actually the dress I changed into after my wedding reception (it somehow fit almost 8 years later). Here are some tips to help you find that unforgettable dress:

• Do you have a favorite color? Narrowing down the color will help make your selection so much easier. Also try looking for a dress that will compliment your skin tone. David’s Bridal has some amazing dresses from its Quinceañera collection in several colors to pick from, like this one.

• Whether it’s a sweetheart neckline or a strapless gown, look for a dress that will flatter your body type. Take your mom, sister or perhaps a friend for a second opinion. A sales rep can also help in making a recommendation on which style best suits your body type.
• Be sure to shop with plenty of time before your big day in case the dress needs to be altered or hemmed.
• The perfect Quinceañera dress is all in the details, so make sure you have the right accessories to match. Some dazzling hair accessories or some chic satin gloves like these would be perfect.


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