New Year, New You: Revamping Your Look

Nicole BrewerNicole Brewer, Celebrity & Plus Size Style Expert
New Year, New You: Revamping Your Look

The New Year is here and you’re undoubtedly thinking about what’s going to be New about You this year. So, what better time to take inventory of your wardrobe and assess what works and what doesn’t? But don’t stop there. Why not redefine your personal style and consider these very simple ways to update your look without busting your budget.

Clothes. The silhouettes you wear say a lot about how you feel about yourself. A sign you need to update: Your clothes don’t feel make you feel good about your body.

Perhaps your favorite colors no longer work with your personality or your go-to skirt shape no longer flatters your figure. Don’t waste any time; go out and try something new! Get out of your comfort zone and open yourself up to new possibilities. Whether it’s a new color, a neckline or simply a different hemline, the smallest change can make a big impact on how you feel about yourself in your clothes, and just might be exactly what you need to revamp your look. Revamp your look with a New Neckline.

Style 84738

Shapewear. The key to looking and feeling great in your clothes lies in the foundation garments you wear underneath. A sign you need to update: You can feel your underwire poking into your skin or you don’t feel the support from your undergarments like you used to.

Our bodies are constantly changing, so the New Year is a perfect time to make sure you’re wearing the right size bra. Visit your favorite department store or specialty lingerie shop and get re-fitted for your bra. Over time, the daily wear and tear will eventually cause all of our shapewear to lose its elasticity, even when you’ve taken the best care of them. Bras, panties and all-in-one body suits simply start losing their shape. Once this happens, it’s time to invest in new shapewear to help you contour your bustline, define your waistline and control your curves under everything you wear.

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Shoes. Sometimes new accessories may be all you need for a fresh new look.
A sign you need an update: You haven’t bought a nice pair of shoes that you love in 5 years.

Chunky heels, thick ankle straps and long square toes are style trends that have come and gone. So, head to the shoe department and try on what’s new. Look for the latest in vintage inspired footwear like built-in platform pumps and sling backs with peek-a-boo toe front details, detachable flowers or bows. Try solid colors that pop like sapphire blue or ruby red. Or make a bold style statement and go for embellished details like sparkly finishes, prints or pleats. Fall in love with a new pair of shoes like this fresh revival of a retro style. The removable floral clip adds value, making it two shoes for the price of one! What’s not to love?



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