Shower in Style: Fresh Twists and New Themes

Karen Bussen, Celebrity Wedding Planner & Author
Shower in Style: Fresh Twists and New Themes

This is not your mother’s bridal shower! These fabulous pre-wedding parties now are so much more than the endless cake and champagne get-togethers of yesteryear. Build yours around one of my favorite themes and take it to the next level with food, fun, and festivities!

Feather Your Nest. Invite guests to an “Around the House” shower, where they’ll help you put together all the things you’ll need for your new home. This beautifully designed invitation says it all in pretty pictures.

Workshop It! As a special treat, hire an expert to entertain your guests with a short interactive workshop teaching them a stylish new skill—decorate cupcakes, dance salsa or arrange flowers. At the end of the party, let ladies take home the fruits of their labor—a tasty treat, some new moves, or a pretty posy.

Mix It Up. Invite the guys, too! Host a Co-ed “Cocktail Hour” Shower. Invite all your favorite guys and girls to help you stock your home bar with glasses, gadgets, wines, spirits and microbrews. Serve bite-sized hors d’oeuvres paired with miniature cocktails (think one-bite quesadillas and three-sip mojitos!).

Fresh Favors. Instead of gifting shower guests with throw-away gifts, end your fete with a fabulous “Goddess Bar.” Arrange boxes and bowls of indulgent treats—lip gloss, nail color, bath oil, potpourri—all bought on sale from discount stores, and let the ladies fill up organza pouches with their favorite take-home treats.

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