Special Occasion Dresses: How to Wear Them Again

Nicole Brewer, Celebrity & Plus Size Style Expert
Special Occasion Dresses: How to Wear Them Again

Buying a new dress for any special occasion often comes with the best intentions, including a promise to yourself to wear it again in the future!

Transforming a dress is simpler than you think and the styling tools you’ll need can be found in your very own closet! So, open your wardrobe to limitless possibilities and start creating multiple ways to wear any dress again and again.

Top Coat
Adding a blazer, cardigan or duster is a fabulous way to get more looks out of one dress. In fact, adding layers over a dress can completely transform your look.

A boyfriend style blazer over a short strapless style creates the perfect date night ensemble.

A colorful cardigan with a shift dress or a simple A-line style can make anyone’s look more casual and is perfect for Sunday brunch.

A long knit duster or a shawl over a cocktail dress serves as a sophisticated evening cover-up.

A motorcycle jacket topped over a maxi dress gives anyone a funky downtown chic look.

Cinch It
Belts are the perfect eye-catching piece that we often forget about. Wide stretchy belts or wrap around styles instantly transform the fit and style of any dress.

Skinny belts are back and perfect when you want to define a waistline without cinching away too much of the dress

Chain link and colored belts can add a touch of elegance to a simple silhouette.

A sash or wide ribbon tied into a bow can be exactly what you need to make a plain dress look special.

Finishing Touches
We all know the power of accessories, and it’s no secret that when transforming a dress, shoes and accessories are required to finish the look.

Elegant jewelry is all it takes to upgrade a dress from casual to formal.

Flirty hoop earrings and bangles can take classic look in a different direction.

Statement jewelry like chunky necklaces or long layered chains can make any dress you’ve worn before look brand new.

A colorful peek-a-boo platform adds a flair and sophistication to any ensemble.

Funky, metallic heels are the perfect final touch, offering a little rock & roll glamour.

Remember, your closet is full of pieces you swore you’d wear again, so it’s time to go shopping at home. You’ll be surprised at how different you can make one dress look with just a little creativity and a bit of practice. Go for it and have fun!

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