Color Me Bride: The New Color Code

Nicole Brewer, Celebrity and Plus Size Fashion Expert

Choosing the color of your wedding gown is a personal choice, one that may be more important than you think. For many women, wearing white is not an easy feat. Those with very fair or pale complexions can even disappear in the wrong shade of white. So, just as your wedding gown should fit your curves and flatter your figure, the color should also complement your complexion.

Today “wedding white” has been expanded to include all shades of traditional white and off-white, including cream, ivory, antique white, oyster, pearl, eggshell and ecru. But regardless of white’s fancy aliases, the most important task at hand is discovering which white is right for you.

The secret to cracking the color code lies in trying on lots of different shades of this ultimate neutral. Here are a few tips to think about in the process:

•Try on lots of different shades of white and ivory
•Consider how different shades play off your hair and eye color
•Avoid too severe whites that might draw attention to any imperfections in the skin on your face and décolletage
•Make a note of which shades enhance your skin tone rather than wash you out
•Try on an alternative-to-white gown like a floral print or blush pink, even if you’re dead set on wearing white. You never know!
•Be sure you try on a dress in your color choice before actually placing your order
•If the bridal salon allows photography, have a camera handy and see how your skin looks against different color hues in pictures
•If you choose to purchase online, request to be sent color swatches of your fabric choice as well as alternatives for comparison

Bridal fashion trends continue to evolve, offering endless possibilities for the modern bride. When you start shopping for your dream dress, open your mind to fashion trends, design details and color infusions that re-define “traditional”:

Whimsical watercolor prints, faint floral burnouts, soft sheer overlays and subtle ombres offer a bit of fantasy and alternative elegance.

A cosmetic palette of creamy nudes, balmy blushes and soft pastels look dreamy on the runway and down the aisle. Baby blue and pale pink take the romantic look to a new level.

Metallics finishes like pewter and bronze set the stage for a dramatic entrance.

In addition to different colored dresses, designers have come up with exciting new ways to add a splash of color to your wedding wardrobe:

A removable color sash, 3D bow or textured flower can accentuate your waistline and coordinate with your bridal party.

Declare your fashion independence with a platform shoe in hot pink, ruby red or borrowed blue.

Fascinate the crowd in a fashion forward hair accessory like a feather plume, fresh flower of your favorite bloom or a vintage inspired birdcage headpiece.

Don a sweet and colorful shrug, a dramatic wrap, or luxurious pashmina after the ceremony.

Whether it’s your first marriage or a vow renewal, there are no antiquated rules about which white to wear. The decision is yours! Choose the color that makes you look and feel your most beautiful – ever!

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