Theme Weddings Should Start with a Theme Invitation

If you are planning your wedding around a beautiful theme, such as a seascape or an idyllic lush garden, you should have that theme present in your planning from start to finish.  What better way to start than with the wedding invitation? You can do so much with the right invitation:  You can set the tone of your affair, let your guests know whether it is casual or formal, and tell them right away that the day will be a themed event.

David’s Bridal has many exclusive and do-it-yourself invitations that allow for real creativity with a theme.  Whether it is a theme based on the season, a flower, or the location, you have a fantastic selection.  Check out what this bride had to say about their Palm Beach invitation:

This invitation gives many results……..I love the sea, the sand, the sun set, the breath taking sounds of the waves crashing in. So when I found these as my wedding invitations, it had everything I had been looking for all in one & they told a little story as well. Without me saying a word ! Perfect invitation for a perfect day to remember for a life time to come.”


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