Top 5 Tips for Live-Tweeting the Royal Wedding

Did your invite to the Royal Wedding get lost in the mail? If it’s looking like you won’t be at Westminster Abbey, participating in live-tweeting is really one of the best ways to get that “it was like I was there” feeling from the comfort of your own home, laptop, or mobile phone.

David’s Bridal has some tips to get you started. We’re starting bright and early on the day of the wedding, so give us a Twitter hello @DavidsBridal when you wake up!

1.) Be Prepared
Have snacks and drinks ready (like a traditional full English breakfast, if you’re feeling like getting into that London state of mind), and prepare a Twitter list of your favorite wedding and style bloggers.

2.) Hashtags are Your Friend
Here are the 2 best hashtags for the royal wedding:
• #royalwedding
• #rw2011
Hashtags give your tweets a clear theme and allow others to join in, so be sure to include these hashtags in your royal wedding live tweets.

3.) Interact with Other Live Tweeters
Don’t be shy about responding and replying to tweets you see. The great thing about really participating in a live-tweeted event is the random and delightful conversations you end up having. The possibilities are endless.

4) Spread the Love
Did someone link to exclusive footage? Retweet it so others can see! Found a great link from a friend that doesn’t have a hashtag? Add the hashtag and a comment so others can see. Did a commentator just say something great? Quote them! Remember: On Twitter, just as in life, you get what you give!

5.) Don’t Over Edit Yourself
So excited you could scream? Tweet it. Not feeling that hat? Tweet it. You can bet there’s someone else out there who’s relieved they’re not alone.

David’s Bridal will be tweeting from start to finish @DavidsBridal with the hashtags #royalwedding, #rw2011 and #dressobsessed. Also, make sure to find us on Facebook to join in our Royal Wedding Watch party; we’ll be posting videos throughout the morning with Kate-inspired styling advice, commentary, opinions, and more! We’ll see you there to celebrate this joyful event together!


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