Beautiful Bridesmaids … Beautiful Party!

When you ask that special friend of yours or that cousin you grew up with to be in your wedding, a huge grin is likely to break across their face and she will be incredibly happy.  This happiness will only last, however, if she is able to wear a beautiful dress!  There is nothing worse than being chosen to stand up as an attendant in a wedding and then being asked – or worse yet commanded – to wear an awful dress.  Sometimes, the dress is lovely, but the style or shape is quite simply unflattering to each individual attendant.

You can choose beautiful bridesmaids dresses in just about every color, style and shape you can dream up if you shop at David’s Bridal.  Instead of shopping for blue, pink, yellow, or green, you can choose from greens such as Olivine and Honeydew and Clover, or blues like Blue Velvet, Cornflower and Marine.  The names are as lovely as the dresses and describe the many different hues available.  Along with the color palette, you can choose from a wide variety of styles, cuts and textures so that every attendant is sure to love her dress!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have your special girls feel extra-special in their dresses?  And even more wonderful if they could wear the gorgeous dress all over again for another occasion?  Let them know how much you care; let them wear a wonderful dress for this most wonderful affair.


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