Groom Your Groom! Tips on Getting Your Guy Ready for the Big Day

Jeannie Mai, Celebrity Fashion Expert Grooming your Groom… easier done than said. While we love our knight in shining armor, we don’t need him to look shiny and unkempt on your, I mean, the big day. 😉

That said, here are some bride-approved basics on the right “manscaping”:

He’s got to face it: Facial hair can be an appreciated accessory to a man’s face, but overdone is overkill. A wedding allows the guests to see a side of the groom at his very best. That said, a trim or at least the cleanest version to see your man’s beautiful face is not only perfect for pictures, but great for those nuptial nuzzles.

Look like a shear sensation: This isn’t the day to get a $10 trip to the barber trim. This is the day his hair gets to keep up with the rest of his fabulous ensemble and let everyone see that he took the extra effort to look like they’ve never seen him before.
If you have at least a month before the big day, peruse men’s magazines with your hubby-to-be to scope the styles he’d like. In those coming weeks, have his hairstylist groom and trim his hair towards that desired style, and set it on the big day. (He/she can also teach you how to style with the right product.) If you don’t have that much time, get his hair styled and trimmed no less than a week before to learn his own steps and avoid that “freshly hacked” look.

They don’t call it MAN-icure for nuthin: Get over it. Fresh, filed fingernails say, “I’m as expensive as that ring I put on your finger.”
As a partner of David’s Bridal, Men’s Wearhouse offers an amazing selection of suits and tuxedos that cater to every cutie ready to tie the knot. With their amazing pre-styled selections, you can actually mix and match between the classic, traditional, romantic, and modern looks to suit up your stud.

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