Glam Accessories to Turn any Outfit into a Stunner

Jeannie Mai, Celebrity Fashion Expert

Every fashionable woman knows it’s not what you wear, it’s how you wear it. Even popular magazines have turned this fact into a guilty pleasure by capturing “Who wore it better?” pictures comparing the same outfit on different celebrities to see who brought the look to life with the right accessories and shoes. Lucky for you, your very own fashion expert is here to make sure you always wear it best.

My few rules of thumb when it comes to accessories:

o When it’s bright, accessorize light. Keep accessories to a minimum if your wardrobe is already energetic and loud with colors. Solid studs or a chunky ring can be enough to let your outfit stand out.

o If it’s bland, add enough to command. The opposite is true for darker or muted tones, depending on your mood. You can get away with a lot more accessorizing if your actual outfit is simple in texture and color. Oftentimes black, beige, and neutrals can blend identity into the background, so pile on those bangles or take a statement neckpiece to bring your look out.

Mixing and matching is very of the season now. I’m the first to break rules to create new looks, so have fun experimenting to see what suits your styles. Silver and golds, or diamonds and pearls – more can be more or less can be best. The biggest mistake women can do is to forget that hair, shoes, and makeup are an accessory as well. It’s best to complete your entire look from head to toe, so step back, then add the finishing touches to accessorize.

I love that David’s Bridal gets the importance of accessories and provides an extensive selection to make it your own. Color is explosive this season on wrists, and the faceted bead bracelets are fun to wear in a row of same toned colors. I also love wearing the silver collar necklace with its scallop design (Style 2754) and sometimes couple it with the classic pearl hand-knotted necklace (Style 600/N) to add a lil’ edge to an LBD. This short strapless cotton sateen dress is the perfect example to complement this neckline finish.

There you have it. Accessoright by making it your own and creating your signature look. Have fun turning heads!

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