More than a Dress

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Even if you are newly engaged you may have visited David’s Bridal as a bridesmaid, at least you have likely driven past one or seen an advertisement. In business since 1950 and now offering more locations than any other national bridal store in the US , they most famous for bridal gowns. But did you know David’s Bridal is not all about wedding dresses?

For those of us who can’t afford a wedding planner, we have to do everything ourselves (or maybe you’re lucky enough to have a friend or sister willing to help). Scheduling fittings (never mind actually picking the dresses), ordering wedding invitations, finding a caterer, remembering all the deadlines for tastings, RSVPs, alterations, deposits…you are about to embark upon the whirlwind adventure of your life. In fact, the engagement period can be a time when it is hard to even focus on the whole reason you’re getting married – the relationship with the one you love!

While you’re on your own for the relationship part, David’s can make everything else easier so you’ll have more time to devote to family and friends and to actually enjoy being a bride. The David’s Bridal website has tools to help you choose colors and styles to coordinate everything from the dresses and accessories to invitations, bridal party gifts, tableware and wedding favors. This blog will feature tips on using the site as well as stories from real customer experiences to help you in creating the perfect wedding.


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