Wedding Weekend Style: What to Wear Throughout this Important Weekend

Jeannie Mai, Celebrity Fashion Expert

Ahhh, the big day is here. Naturally, you’d think that after all the months of wedding details you’ve color coordinated, ordered, and prepped, all that’s left is to pack the gown. Ahhh my little gem, if it were only that easy. You are the bride, you are the star!

From rehearsal dinner to post wedding brunch, all eyes are still on you. This isn’t a sitch to get overwhelmed, but instead a reason to get excited about celebrating this new chapter in your life with the people you love. And ahem, also means YOU gotta knock em dead from start to finish. That said, I’m here to help. Here’s the skinny on how to dress the part for the day before and after:

Rehearsal Dinner: This event is where the families come together, all excited about the day to come. Unless otherwise arranged, consider your rehearsal dinner semi-formal. With all the toasts and gift giving, guests are eager with their snap happy photo fingers, so you are going to want to look jubilant and fun for the night. I adore the royal shades of blue and purple of the one shoulder stretch taffeta and the strapless short side-ruched David’s Bridal party dresses. The beautiful jeweled tones will be the center of attention in the evening, yet the necklines of both dresses allow you to remain on trend and playful at the same time. With so much of reaching, hugging, and canoodling up to your soon-to-be-boy, dresses like these two are fantastic to look the lucky-in-love gal you are.

If you prefer more demure and muted in tone, I so love this strapless tulle dress with caviar beading or a structured sheath dress. I definitely would favor more short and sweet, than long and elegant, just to leave the formality to the actual wedding day. Here’s where guests get to see you as relaxed and fun as you should feel before your big day. Keep jewelry simple and makeup fresh with soft gloss and mascara. Again, save the drama for tomorrow 😉

Post Wedding Brunch: Here’s where you get to send your guests off in joy, gratitude, and a big hooray for the past big day. I generally like to keep brunch comfy and casual because it shows how comfortable you want your guests to be as you send them back home. I suspect you’d also want nothing to do with any heels either! Consider jeans, cargo shorts, a cute top or maybe even his T-shirt tucked and belted!

The one piece of reflection I do suggest would be any jewelry you had for the wedding ceremony or reception, just as a fun statement piece. Whether it’s the earrings, necklace, or hey, even your tiara with a pony, it shows the day is gone, but so not forgotten!

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