Wonderful Wedding Style – Fashionable Frocks for a Spring/Summer Affair

Jeannie Mai, Celebrity Fashion Expert

I’m not surprised that once many of us have RSVP’d to a warm weathered wedding, what to wear is often times harder to figure out than the actual present for the perfect pair. That said, we’re putting an end to that, like, now. Look at it as your chance to gussy up your gams, (yup, I said it), and match baby hues of shadow to the shades on your dress. I promise…we’ll make it painless and you come out pretty for the pictures.

Whether it’s a wedding or just a celebration of spritzers, spring and summer mean three things: bright (in color), light (in layers), and hooray.. you can actually opt for flats if you think you’ll be outdoors. When it comes to dresses, I’m gaga over gorgeous pieces from David’s Bridal’s special occasion collection, like this Silky Knit Print HalterThe halter immediately gives a svelte structure to any shoulders, and the colors just burst confidence. Ok fine, secret? It also allows you to skip the shave if you’re like me running for last minute presents, and it keeps you a tad warmer than skirts if spring isn’t kicking up that much heat yet.

Now if you’ve been dying to announce the season is here and get into your Short Strapless Stretch Satin Dress. (Say that three times fast.) Ok, David’s Bridal knew what they were doing when they named this piece because it just says sexy and comfortable with more words. This is short enough to show enough leg with heels or flats, the purple available is my TO DIE FOR shade that looks good against just anyone, and hello—POCKETS?? What dress don’t you need without pockets to place your gloss for touch ups and your cell to text your date where you’re sitting when he’s lost from the men’s room. Love it, own it… both are must-haves at a must spend price.

Tip for tresses? Toss your hair up into a chignon or a classic ballet bun (with or without a headband) to keep the nape of your neck long and sexy. Oh, and don’t forget the cozy cardigan you need to bring for that breeze that could hit. Or be like me and pair your 4S Dress (Short Strapless Stretch Satin) or halter with a sexy motorcycle jacket and dark heels. Yum.


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