Wedding Wednesday With Chandra Berns! “Top 5 Tips to Keep Your Wedding Day Photo-Friendly”

“Top 5 Tips to Keep Your Wedding Day Photo-Friendly”


“Want to keep your wedding day running as smooth as possible? I have narrowed down some of our top tips to keep your wedding day photographer friendly. These tips will help us make your photos even that more gorgeous! Feel free to share this post with your bride-to-be friends!

1. Keep the bridal room as clean as possible. 

I’m a girl and know how a room can go from tidy to tornado alley in a matter of seconds! Don’t ask me how this happens, it just does! However, when it comes to taking your getting ready photos with your bridesmaids, the photos just aren’t as pretty when there are dirty clothes, hairspray cans and shoes strung out everywhere. I know how crazy it can be when there are 4+ girls trying to get ready in a single area. My tip – let your bridesmaids know beforehand that you want to keep the bridal suite clean. Ask them to bring a bag to keep their belongings in. Just ask them nicely and they will gladly abide. Also, we will be photographing you getting into your wedding dress – so designate a no-mess area by a big window or a naturally-lit spot for you to get dressed by. This is ideal for photos & your beauty will be radiating!


2. Make a checklist & pack a bag the night before the big day! 

Gosh, there’s nothing worse than getting ready at the venue & forgetting something at home that’s really important for your wedding day! Example: Your favorite lipstick, jewelry, shoes, etc. It’s the little things that matter & something as small as forgetting your favorite lipstick can be a damper. You should have everything ready to go so you won’t even have to worry about getting everything together on the day of your wedding. Make a list…and check it twice. Do it! You will thank me later!  :)


3. Have your items to be photographed all together for your photographer. 

Want to really WOW your photographer? Have all of the items they will be photographing ready to go when they get there! We are pressed for time at most weddings – so this little act will go a loooong way! These items usually include: Brides dress, veil, shoes, special jewelry bride will be wearing, perfume, lipstick, bouquet, invitation suite & save the dates, both the bride & grooms rings, garter & any other special details you would want photographed. This also includes the grooms  tie, shoes, belt & etc.

4. Make a very detailed timeline of the day for your photographer 

Timelines! Timelines! Timelines! They are my best friend on a wedding day. I’m very punctual and need to know where I need to be and when during all times at a wedding. This gives me an idea of how the day is going to go & when the big parts of the day are going to happen so I can ensure that I capture every little detail of your special day! Really – there’s nothing worse than not knowing what’s going to happen next & then frantically rushing over to capture a huge part of the wedding. Timelines of course are always subject to change, but try to stick as close as possible to the timeline you created. It will keep you, your photographer and your guests happy & the day running very smoothly!

5. NO CELLPHONE zone! 

I know, I know – you are probably cringing as you read this one. But really, I strongly, strongly, strongly recommend it! At leastduring the ceremony. There’s not much that’s more annoying on a wedding day as a photographer than having 7 people photo-bombing your photos by hanging their i-phones out into the isle or right in front of our cameras during key moments. I just want to cry when I go back and look at amazing photos – only to be photo bombed by Uncle Bob hanging his arm out into the middle of the isle trying to take photos from his cell phone. This is your day. Your day that you want to be captured perfectly. So, don’t worry about the phones for a change! Nicely suggest to your guests to leave them in the car or wait until after the ceremony to bust them out. That is why WE are there…to capture every special moment! And trust me, I am sure you will appreciate the professional photos of you walking down the aisle rather than the one that Uncle Bob took from his phonePlus – you will also receive an online gallery for you to share with all of your friends & family…so it really is a win-win situation!




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