Wedding Wednesday! Real Bride Chandra Dishes on The First Look of The Bride and Groom

What is a first look and should you have one on your wedding day?

A “First Look” is a very intimate moment between the bride and groom before the ceremony occurs. This is when the groom gets to see his gorgeous bride for the very FIRST time before anyone else gets to – in a quiet environment. The couple gets to spend precious time together before the day speeds by. On your wedding day, you will be crunched on time & basically, pulled in a million directions for the remainder of the day…and in the blink of an eye – your wedding day is over with! With a first look, the hustle & bustle of the day tends to somewhat subside and that quality time with your beau will be something you will later look back on and smile.

This moment is always one to remember! And your photographer gets to capture all of that.

Besides a first look being one of the greatest memories from a wedding day, it also gives you much more time for pictures of you and your beau together…and trust me, the more photo ops you can get during the day with him, go for it! Trust you’re your photographer won’t get tired of it – that’s what we are there for! To maximize every moment and capture your entire day! Usually, immediately following the ceremony will come family portraits, bridal party portraits, and then, lastly comes the bride and groom portraits.  However, sometimes the light doesn’t last long enough! You may have to skimp on your formal photos. By doing a first look, you wouldn’t even have to give up precious portrait time with you and your husband together, basking in all your glory! Hehe. By doing a first look and getting formal portraits done with earlier on during the day also means that your guests will not have to wait as long for your grand entrance. Which means you guys get to party sooner!

A first look is something that I HIGHLY recommend to all of my brides!




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