Fashion Friday! Would You Want Your Wedding Guests Wearing Google Glasses?

Good Morning DB Readers and Happy Fashion Friday! David’s Bridal recently released an interesting statistic from our “What’s On Brides Minds” survey about the new hip trend, Google Glasses! just covered the story- see below! So we ask, Would You Want Your Wedding Guests Wearing Google Glasses?


I’m going to assume that most of you are familiar with the bizarre face computer that isGoogle Glass—a device that is sadly being made no less bizarre by Diane von Furstenberg’s rendering of it, even though Diane von Fursetenberg is perfection—but Inever would have assumed, prior to reading these stats that I am about to share, is that you, bride, would be way into someone wearing it at your wedding in order to capture every magical moment.


David’s Bridal does a survey every year called “What’s On Brides’ Minds” through an outside research company (reaching over 500 recently engaged or married American women above the age of 18), and this year, as a sign of the times, I guess, they included a question asking brides if they would want Google Glass perched upon the faces of their nearest and dearest at their wedding in order to document both the ceremony and reception.

Eighty-one percent of them said yes, people! And it gets even better: When the brides were asked whose faces, exactly, should be donning this technology, here’s what they said (please note that percentages add up to more than 100 percent because the respondents were able to check off more than one person):

  • 43 percent said their wedding guests
  • 40 percent said their wedding party
  • 31 percent said their significant other
  • 29 percent said heck, they’d rock it themselves

So there you have it. And now we are curious: What category do you fall into? Also: If someone has Google Glass present at their upcoming nuptials, please, we ask—document that.



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