Wedding Wednesday! Our Real Bride Dishes About The Best Month To Plan For Your Wedding!

Good Morning DB Readers and Happy Wedding Wednesday!

Chandra, our real bride is giving us the inside scoop on when is the best month to plan for your wedding! She just had her gorgeous wedding late last year, and has been around the block! Read below as Chandra gives us her best advice on planning your wedding!

‘Not sure which month is best to plan for your wedding? Let me give you a few tips!


Anytime of the year is a great time for love! As a wedding photographer myself, I have found the months that I love the most for weddings. Let me share with you…


The most popular months for weddings are in the Spring and early Summer. That is March, April, May and June. I can’t argue with anyone wanting these months because from a photography aspect, this time of year couldn’t be more beautiful…and I am not exaggerating one bit! The lighting seems to be just a tad bit more magical, the sun sets a little bit later, flowers are in bloom, and we are greeted with pastel color palettes (which are my all-time FAVORITE!!!) Although weather is very unpredictable, it is less likely for it to rain on your parade in the summer months. Here are a few photos from a wedding I shot this weekend. The things I mentioned above: lighting, pastel colors, flowers are all incorporated in these shots, so you can see what magic I am speaking of!’




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