Wedding Wednesday From Chandra Berns! How to make your great escape as newlyweds!

How to make your great escape as newlyweds!

 As some of us all know, a huge part of the wedding day is the moment you get to leave your wedding venue aka the grand escape to start your new life together with you and your new beau with your family and friends wishing you a farewell. There have been great escapes planned by couples throughout the years and some are a little more over the top than others, but nonetheless, it’s an exciting time for all to see you guys be whisked away in your horse and carriage (or car – whichever you prefer). A very trendy thing to do right now is use sparklers! You know, those shiny, firey little sticks that let off a sparkle that takes you to someplace magical – yeah, those. They are awesome! I actually used them for my own wedding and it was so very cool! Here is a picture below:


Sometimes, wedding receptions tend to end a little late, and some folks may have to sneak out a little early, so, what some couples do it make a fun get-a-way right after the ceremony has ended and the couple is named husband and wife. one couple that my fellow friend *photographed, Amy Scarbourough of Al Gawlik Photography, had a tortilla toss on their exit from their ceremony. I mean, really – how unique & cool is that? Plus, who doesn’t love tortillas, right?


Whether you have a big budget to buy real rose petals to be thrown your way at your escape, or if you are on a smaller budget, there are many ways to get creative with your getaway!

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