Wedding Wednesday! Our Real Bride Chandra Gives Us Her Advice On Alcohol at Your Wedding!


Personally. I TOTALLY wanted to put on a rad party for all my guests and we weren’t sure if we should host an open bar or have a cash bar. However, after looking at previous price tags for open bars – my heart nearly skipped a beat. There have been bar tabs in the double-digits…thousands & thousands of dollars!! Yikes. We definitely didn’t have the cash for that…so, we compromised and decided to host a cash bar. This way, the guests that wanted to have a few cocktails could and the guests, who didn’t drink, didn’t have to worry about it at all. I think there are more pros than cons about having a cash bar. As a wedding photographer myself, I have seen my fair share of the booze-enthused guests when there is a free-for-all open bar…and, well, it can get a little crazy to say the least. It isn’t always pretty either.  By having a cash bar, people tend to be more conscious when it comes to purchasing alcohol & how much they are spending. This will also save the bride and groom a pretty penny!


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