Wedding Wednesday with Chandra Berns! How to keep yourself from getting overwhelmed with the wedding planning process…

How to keep yourself from getting overwhelmed with the wedding planning process…

Wedding planning can get hectic! Anyone who claims that their feathers haven’t gotten ruffled at least once or twice while planning their wedding is most likely fibbing. Although in my previous blogs you’ve (hopefully) read, I mentioned that it was a really fun process for me…which it was – MOST OF THE TIME. But dear Lord, there were a few moments in time when I just felt like hiding under a rock for a darn minute or two. I realized that I didn’t have to feel stressed out, there were ways around it. Kind of like that moment when my family member cancelled our venue on us three months before the wedding day and every other venue in town was booked. Yeah, you can pretty much assume I was close to a near melt down on the inside. I tried not to show it, but I pretty much wear my heart on my it was undeniably obvious. Thankfully, my now husband, was right beside me when we heard the news and he calmed all of my worries. I mean, yeah – who really cares if we had a venue to get married at? Right!? All we really cared about was being with each other, and we agreed that no matter what happened, even if we had to get married in a card board box, we would be happy.  We pinky promised each other that. We then both took a few deep breaths, forced a big ol’ smile on our faces and we stopped worrying about what was going to happen and decided to just play it by ear. Within a week, we found our new venue and our minds were set at ease.

Whether it’s fretting over what color your napkin rings will be or what style of shoes your bridesmaids will be wearing – keep calm & carry on! Stop stressing out over the little things…take every moment in and enjoy it. Five years from now, are you going to look back and remember the napkin holders you picked out? Probably not. Are you going to remember it being the best day of your life because you were blessed enough to marry your soul mate? Yes. I definitely will choose to remember the ladder.  Another way to easily avoid the impending “Wedding planning stress”  – start planning early! That way, just weeks before the wedding, you are focusing on other things instead of having a brush with an anxiety attack due to the coasters being wrong for your reception. Take a deep breath….smile….and enjoy the process.

Happy Wednesday!


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