Fashion Friday! 6ABC in Philadelphia Highlights The Best Wedding Planning Tips!

Our local expert, Rebecca Sarson from Store 37 in Whitemarsh, Pennsylvania is here to share her best wedding planning tips! Enjoy!

Weddings can be expensive, but there are also many ways you can cut your costs. Rebecca Sarson, a manager at David’s Bridal, who’s planning her own November wedding, is sticking to a budget for her big day.

“I think every bride has a budget to work with,” Sarson explains. “So that’s the one thing you always have to remember, everyone has a budget and everyone has to cut corners here and there, especially when you want to splurge on something that’s important to you on you wedding day.”

She advises picking one item to splurge on — in her case, the venue at the Jersey Shore… And then looking for ways to cut back on other expenses.

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For example, David’s Bridal showed us three dresses. Their ruched bodices are similar, but they range in price from $200 to $400 to $1350.

And with the $200 dress, you don’t even need a necklace.

Sarson says, “It has the ruched bodice, but it has the illusion neckline with all the jewels. This is going to save you in pricing, with all the jewels at the top, you’re not going to have to buy jewelry.”

Sarson suggests emailing “Save-the-Date” notices, and using a print-it-yourself invitation website, instead of buying expensive cards from a stationary shop.

And think outside the box when it comes to timing.

Sarson says, “If you have wedding during the week, you can save a ton of money, because catering halls and hotels usually cost a little more during the weekend. Also, if you have a brunch wedding or something during the day, it’s a little bit less expensive as well.

For a venue, consider a park or restaurant instead of a catering hall or hotel.

And get creative with décor items and favors.

Sarson explains. “I’m doing jam, homemade jam, in some jars. Anything homemade — you can even do cookies, little loaves of bread — anything homemade, kind of adds that personal touch again.


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