Wedding Wednesday! “Real Bride” Chandra Dishes All About What Has Inspired Her During Her Wedding Planning Process!

Good Morning DB Readers and Happy Wedding Wednesday! Can you believe we are 11 blogs in with our “Real Bride” Chandra?! Boy does time fly! Chandra dishes ALL about what has inspired her during her wedding planning process, and we aren’t surprised Pinterest is a big one!! Enjoy her blog below!

Let’s face it – I’m easily inspired! As a photographer, I find inspiration everywhere! So, this characteristic of mine definitely transitioned into the wedding planning process as well. In my previous blog – I mentioned how I was a self-proclaimed Pinterest “addict”. No shame here! Pinterest is amazing, yet somewhat overwhelming at the same time.  However, my heart fluttered when I would see garden-styled, romantic wedding receptions and I just couldn’t part ways with it. After we went full circle and had our wedding venue mishap and had to end up changing venues – Pinterest definitely came in very handy when it came to putting my ideas on paper in just a short period of time. We needed to move quickly, and Pinterest helped put life to my ideas.

I wanted a garden wedding – and what better way to add a little romance than by placing globe antique light strands throughout the reception area?

I went to a local event planner and decorator and luckily enough – they were able to find the antique globe strands!

Another thing that I just fancied was the sequenced table cloths. I searched high & low and finally found a vendor that supplied these little gems.

I didn’t want something too obnoxious, butanyone who knows me, knows that I love sparkles. We are going with  matte-nude colored table cloths to accentuate a few of the tables- the sweetheart table, cake table & candy table. All of the other tables will have ivory linen, which will compliment the sparkles perfectly! We will have candles placed throughout the reception to give it that extra glow.  What better then to dance the night away beneath  glowing lights and dancing with the love of your life? That’s right – nothing is better than that J

Pinterest has definitely come to my rescue with the décor side of things and has definitely helped line my ideas up from start to finish! I’d consider it somewhat of a lifesaver ;)


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