4 Affordable & Easy Wedding DIY Projects

4 Affordable & Easy Wedding DIY Projects

DIY wedding projects often sound like a good idea.  Who doesn’t want to say to their guests, “I whipped up this cake myself – no biggie!” or “I arranged all of the bridesmaids’ bouquets and centerpieces?” But often you spend a ton of money on supplies only to end up with a finished product that’s, well, less than stunning.

In general, experts recommend that brides leave photography and videography, as well as things like altering the wedding dress and oftentimes catering, to the pros.  And don’t tackle complicated DIY projects if you’re not that crafty – it often ends up costing you a lot of money and the results don’t turn out how you imagined they would.

That said, even you ladies who aren’t that crafty can tackle some DIY projects – and have fun doing them. Here are four affordable DIY projects that brides may want to consider.

1. Favors: Delicious Homemade Spice Rub

This simple-to-make spice rub – perfect for steaks and chicken – is sure to delight guests (and they’ll remember your big day every time they use it!).  All you need is a handful of spices (buy them in bulk at a place like Costco to save money), mason jars and some cloth. This is a great wedding favor for those of you having a rustic-themed wedding or a small backyard fete.

2. Centerpieces: Chic “Floating” Flowers
This sounds a little crazy, but it looks really cool!  To make this centerpiece, you’ll just need glass vases (you can buy these at the dollar store), flowers and Jell-O mix.  You can make these in any color (or mix and match colors for an offbeat, cool look).

3. Decorations: Origami Swans
Decorating your entire wedding venue can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars.  But these adorable origami swans – which you can place on the tables or string together into garlands – are a very inexpensive way to decorate (all you need is festive sheets of paper!).

4. Flowers: Cheery Hanging Sunflowers
The average bride spends hundreds of dollars on flowers for her wedding, but you don’t have to.  For this project, all you need are Styrofoam balls, glue, fake flowers and string (you can get all of these on the cheap at a place like Michael’s).  Just glue the fake flowers onto the Styrofoam ball and hang from the ceiling with a string.  The room will look festive – and because the flowers are hanging from the ceiling, no one will have any idea that they’re fake!


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