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David's Bridal Wedding Gown Preservation Kit Style DAVIDSWGP
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Wedding Dress Cleaning and Preservation

Protect the memories of a lifetime with a professional service. If you do not properly clean and preserve your dress before it is put away, it could be at risk of discoloration or damage. Whether you hope to pass your wedding gown down to the next generation as a precious heirloom or simply keep it safe and sound for your own sentimental reasons, proper wedding dress storage is essential. Our devotion to brides and their dream dresses goes far beyond the big day itself. That is why we offer wedding dress preservation that will keep your gown in pristine condition well past your silver anniversary.

A Wedding Dress Preservation Box to Cherish

Your wedding dress is a treasure: a symbol of your great romance and the embodiment of your dreams for the future. You want to keep it safe, but you don’t want to pack it away out of sight forever. The best kind of wedding dress storage box lets you “visit” from time to time without breaking the seal or exposing the dress to environmental factors which could degrade the fabric. Our wedding dress box features a big beautiful display window so that you can show off the dress of your dreams without ever needing to take it out.