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Tips From Real Brides
Bridesmaids Tip
Trusted Friend
Be sure to have a dependable person on your bridal team who can take charge & make sure your day is STRESS FREE!
Amanda (Bailey's Harbor)
Rehearsal Fun
During the rehearsal, instead of carrying bouquets, have each one of your girls carry a cooking utensil (spatula, mixing spoon, etc.). It is a fun way to lighten the mood and gives you needed kitchen items for you and your significant other!
Sarah (Wyandotte)
Plan Ahead
Don't wait till the last minute to do everything! Do everything at least a month before you technically should do it! Also, go to David's Bridal to get you bridesmaids' dresses! They are AMAZING! They helped my bridesmaids and I find a dress that they ALL loved and they all looked amazing in even though they all have completely different body types!
Brittany (Cullowhee)
Be Bold
It's your wedding, go crazy! Mix & match the colors of your bridesmaids' dresses to add extra pop of color to go with the theme of your wedding!
Christina (Fords)
Bridesmaids on a Budget
Another big complaint that bridesmaids have (although you'll never hear them say it) is that they will spend a lot of money on a bridesmaid dress that they'll only wear once. Well, here's an idea that will make them a little happier and help make your wedding unique. Give your bridesmaids a color guideline for their dress and then let them buy whatever dress they want as long as it's in your color range. This will give each one of your bridesmaids the opportunity to put their own personality into their dress and might actually get them to purchase a dress that they'll wear for another special occasion.
Stephanie (Cortland)
Be nice!
Remember what it felt like to be a bridesmaid and make sure you treat your girls well! It's a celebration; let everyone involved be able to enjoy it!
Leanna (Fairmont)
It's the Little Things
Focus on little details that make the outfit uniquely yours (or your bridesmaids'). Think: sashes, jewelry, shoes. I let my maids pick out their own dress as long as it was the color I chose from David's. They each get to wear a dress that flatters their own body and fits their personality. For accessories I picked gold/ champagne and let them pick shoes, sashes, and jewelry that fit each girl's unique style. They are all happy with their individual outfit and they all look beautiful next to each other. Forget matchy-matchy. That's so 1990's. It's 2013! Let your maids express their unique style in a way that they still coordinate well.
Colleen (Houston)
Color It Yours
It's your wedding; go crazy! Mix & match the colors of your bridesmaid dresses to add an extra pop of color to go with the theme of your wedding!
Christina (Fords)
Maids' Choice
Try mixing it up! Instead of the same dress and color for your bridesmaids, allow each girl to pick a dress that works with her body type or let her select different hues of your wedding colors.
Catherine (Waynesboro)
Take Care of Your Party
Please remember the essential goodies for your bridesmaids. In their bag, have a water bottle, flip flops or slippers, and chocolate.
Samantha (Zachary)
Make Them Shine
I'm all about making sure my bridesmaids look and feel great on the wedding day, too. When they look great, they'll highlight the bride even better!
Crystal (Viola)