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Tips From Real Brides
Planning Tip
Purchase as You Go
Purchase stuff as you go along. I purchased stamps before they went up. And I don't even have my invitations yet. I'm going to buy bubbles for our guests and use Just Married stickers to decorate them!
Heather (Boiceville)
Relax & Have Fun!
Breathe! Have a great time. Expect some road bumps & pre-plan to laugh them off (yes, even if what went wrong was something you told someone to do, or not do, a hundred times before the big day). If you're in great spirits, those around you will be too - leaving you with the best payoff. Remember that it likely won't be pulled off without any hitches - but at the end of the day, you'll be married to the one you love - thus, it was PERFECT!
Kelsi (Coeur d'Alene)
Accept Help
Accept as much help as you possibly can, but don't let anyone else take over and overrule what you want.
Amber (Rochester)
Love Notes
On the day of the wedding exchange a love note with your man! Write anything you want, from the heart of course, but this can serve as a little memento of all the emotions you were feeling at the same time moments before you wed. Have these delivered by friends or family when you are both getting ready. The note will be sure to put a smile on each other's face and calm some nerves.
Allie (West LaFayette)
'Pic' the Best
One of the biggest wedding tips I have is, when choosing a photographer, choose one that has your style and taste. Once you have chosen that photographer make sure you discuss with them where and how you would like your photos to be taken. Remember you are in charge of how you want the pictures to look - you are the one who will be looking at them the rest of your life.
Jordan (Schenevus)
Pre-Plan Your Picks!
When having a destination wedding, make sure you have everything picked out (colors, flowers, etc.) before going and finding your location. When you go to book your venue, and/or wedding planner, it makes it easier to get everything done and they will be able to know what your tastes are and how to accommodate you better!
Christina (Portage la Prairie)
What Word Comes to Mind?
Pick one word that you want everyone to use to describe your wedding when they walk away - fun, romantic, elegant, funky, etc. This makes it easier to choose between so many options. Choose the option that best fits your word to keep your wedding on track and to ensure that you end up with a cohesive event that promotes the feeling you are looking for!
Stephanie (League City)
Delegation & Communication
My one tip of advice would be, don't be afraid to delegate jobs right from the start of planning. For example; my family discussed what they could contribute money-wise and what they wanted/could do for help for the big day. It was really successful and everyone got to talk and exchange numbers. This really helps with having good communication from the start and everyone is informed!
Kara (Courcelette)
Pin it!
Pinterest helps to have ideas to do it yourself ideas, and help with your budget! Or if you have an idea, type it in search and see if someone has done it already, to help you envision it.
Alissa (Dyer)
Write everything down & make a checklist! I know there are so many checklists and planners you can buy, but those don't always have everything you need. I have a check list notebook and every page has a different subject and it has made the planning just a little less stressful!
Heather (Harrisburg)
Don't Forget to Have Fun!
When saving for your wedding, don't forget to let yourself have fun. Set a bit of money aside to go out on a date, and enjoy yourselves. If you get caught up in saving, you lose sight of what is important. There are plenty of exciting things for you and your sweetie to do and explore! Find local events that are free and attend them. You won't feel guilty about spending money if it's cheap and fun!
Azurah (Millington)
Work Together
Don't forget to include your fiancÚ in the planning. He might not have an opinion about whether you should choose roses or peonies, but it's his wedding, too. Make sure you take into account his ideas and expectations!
Kelly (Roanoke)
Keep Your Friends Close
Have a family member or close mutual friend be your officiant at your wedding. My fiancÚ and I are having a close friend be ours at our wedding. We thought it would make the day really special and it would personalize the day for us. It is also a lot cheaper and they can get certified online!
Katlin (Livingston Manor)
Take Your Time
Give yourself time! A long engagement will allow you to make smarter decisions. You will not feel so pressured to pick this" and "choose this" because you are crunched for time and were not allowed to think it through! You will be less stressed.
Leah (Grand Rapids)
Time Management
TIME MANAGE! I'm a college student, so my fiancÚ and I have decided to wait until after I graduate to get married. We are going to have an almost 2 year engagement, but that is perfect because it gives me more time to get ready while I'm still in school.
Desiree (Edwardsville)
Second Choice
If you find a photographer that you like, but they are booked for your date, don't end communications there. Be sure to ask them for recommendations. It's highly likely they know other people who have their same style!
Whitney (Grand Rapids)
Taking Requests
Ask your guests to write down their favorite song on their RSVP and then play it at the wedding reception. That way everyone gets to hear their favorite tune!
Daniela (San Diego)
Love Letters
Grandparents and parents will tell you no couple enjoys fighting. Pre-wedding jitters can cause stress to even the mellowest of couples. The groom and bride to be should write down things they love about each other and put it away for a rainy day before the wedding when most couples seem to get stressed. When you feel tempers starting to get heated - pull out those notes and sit and read them to each other. Save the letters for after marriage and add at least one item to them every year. Great way to keep memories and make any couple remember what their love truly means.
Katie (Westernport)
Love Labels!
Enter your guest list with their addresses on an excel spreadsheet. It's easier to keep count of how many guests you have and it's easier to make labels for save the dates and invitations. All you have to do is merge the spreadsheet with the mailings/labels tab on word.
Jennifer (Lawrence)
Remember Replies
When your guest list is complete and you're ready to mail invitations, number your guests and write the corresponding number on their reply card. A lot of people fail to put their name on the reply before mailing it to the couple. Having this number on their reply and on your guest list will help assure you know who is actually attending. I did this and it was a life saver!
Stephanie (Bixby)
Online Tools
My wedding tip is to use the David's Bridal 'My Event' option. They help keep everything organized and make sure that you don't forget any of the details. Also utilize David's Bridal online, it makes shipping for your big day so much easier!
Heather (Silas)
Don't get over stressed! Remember it's not just your day, it's your partner's too. It represents your future and eternal love for one another. Also, don't forget that mishaps happen. So laugh, smile and enjoy your precious day because you will also have a lifetime of happy moments together!
Chessie (Dawson Springs)
Time Frame
I made a 3 month plan worksheet. I'm writing down a few things, priority-wise, that need to be finished in a certain time frame. It's easier to break it down into 4-5 tasks then be overwhelmed looking at 20. When I'm overwhelmed I tend to put stuff off and it's left to the last minute. So far this has helped me greatly.
Megan (Dade City)
Easy Thank You
At your shower have a decorated basket that contains your thank you note envelopes when each guest arrives have them fill out the name and address on the envelope instead of signing a guest book. Then when it comes time to fill out thank you cards they are already addressed.
Jennifer (Daphne)
To-do Timeline
You're engaged! Start by creating a timeline. Give yourself a few tasks to do or delegate each month before the big day. This allows you to check a few things off your list each month and avoid a heavy burden of tasks to pile up right before the big day. This month my to-do list includes: picking a wedding dress, sending save the dates, and engagement pictures!
Sarah (Minneapolis)
It's Who You Know
Use your contacts and resources. We found our photographer, videographer and DJ all through people we knew or our families knew. They may or may not give you a discount (you should not expect it!), but it makes it easier than going through a large entertainment agency where you may only meet the person working your wedding once or twice. It also allows you to be flexible and bounce ideas off of them. Plus, they take a personal interest in you and your fiancÚ to help make your day special!
Sarah (Lexington)
A Helpful Hubby
Remember to include your future husband in the planning but keep the questions simple instead of asking him, "What type of flowers?", you should have in the wedding show him your favorites and say, "Which one do you like more?" Then he is included and will feel as much as part of the special day and you're not overwhelming him with questions he won't know how to answer!
Ashley (Antelope)
Write it Down
Get a notebook, and write everything in it. Phone numbers, addresses, dates, guest list, vendors, everything. That way you have a hard copy. It's a huge help in staying organized.
Cori (Ravenna)
Get a Professional
Hire a day-of-the-wedding coordinator. If you don't have the money, save it. There is no better stress-saver or insurance against things going awry than to have a third-party handle the details and the flow of the day.
Libby (Austin)
Always Plan for a Few Extra People
Add five to ten guests to your final wedding count. That way, you won't have any surprise guests or dates and end up short on chairs or meals.
Andrea (Newport News)
Bring a List
Photocopy or print a list of questions for venues that are available in wedding planning books or on websites. Bring a copy of the list to each venue you visit. Afterwards, it's easier to compare the venues because all the details are in the same format.
Andrea (Montreal)
Be Prepared
Start a box of things you may possibly need on your wedding. Bobby pins, clippers, slippers, an extra pair of hose, deodorants, mints, and a Tide pen. You name it. Start early, and have everything planned ahead so there is no stress on your wedding day!
Stephany (Massillon)