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Tips From Real Brides
Bridal Tip
Stay Cool
Ask your reception site to put a cute pair of flats or slippers in the freezer so that when your feet hurt from dancing, you can slip on a cool delight!! It will feel like heaven to your sore soles!
Stephanie (Monroeville)
Back Up Plan
Pick out two sets of jewelry to take with you on your wedding day, you never know when the clasp on your favorite necklace may break! Don't put your jewelry on until the last possible minute before taking pictures.
Katie (Gloucester City)
Browse Around
Look at lots of gowns online first to determine what you like best for your body type but be open minded and try on different gowns. The one you love may not look good on you after trying it on. Make sure you take along one friend with an open mind and not looking for something that she would only like herself in. Keep the budget in mind because it is easy to spend a lot more on a gown that you originally wanted to.
Lynn (Allentown)
Practice Makes Perfect
A couple days or so before the big day, the bride and groom should practice their first dance. The bride should wear a long dress so the groom can learn how to dance around it without stepping on it!
Miriam (Wasilla)
Don't Rush!
I know it can be fun and exciting, but don't rush out and buy a dress. Wait until you start planning the wedding, because your tastes/venue might change and then you have a chapel style dress for a destination style wedding!
Danielle (Gulfport)
Keep Trying
You may have ideas about what you want your wedding dress to look like, but don't sign off on the other designs, at least until you try them on. You may just find out that the dress you end up loving isn't at all like the one you wanted before you started looking around and trying dresses on.
Roxanne (Grants Pass)
Bring a small spray bottle filled with 1 part of your favorite liquid fabric softener and 4 parts water. Use to spray under your dress to prevent static cling!
Mega (Little Falls)
Don't Settle
Cutting corners and pinching pennies is good in some cases. But do NOT cut corners when it comes to your wedding dress. You WILL notice the difference in wearing THE dress as opposed to just A dress!
Ewa (New Britain)
Get that Gown!
Gown shopping is PRIORITY on that "to do list"! Give yourself plenty of time; it takes months to make your dress! It's a special day for others but this is your special day! Don't let anyone tell you different! Brides with a budget, STICK TO IT! As long as you're married to that special man that's all that matters right?
Ashley (Smithfield)
Mom Knows Best
Take your mom dress shopping! I unexpectedly found my dream-come-true dress at David's Bridal (even though we haven't even set a wedding date yet!), and having my mom there with me made it incredibly special.
Carrie (Bryan)
Alter Accordingly
Don't get your dress taken in or fitted until the month before your wedding! With the stress, your body with change! The worse thing that could happen is being weeks away and not fitting!
Nichole (Dorr)
Avoid a Makeup Mess
Always wear your dress before applying makeup and doing your hair. Most likely, if you're not in your dress after your makeup is done, you will ruin your makeup and hair while putting on your dress.
Gaouxe (Milwaukee)
Keeping Clean
Keep club soda and baking soda on hand for that moment someone gives you a hug with food on their fingertips. A quick wipe with that and the mark will be removed from your dress.
Aileen (Greenville)
Set a Budget
As soon as you become engaged, set a budget for a wedding dress before you start to look, and do not look at any dresses over your budget.
Michele (Ellensburg)
Make Sure You Can Move
When shopping for that fabulous one-of-a-kind wedding gown, be sure to walk, move around, and even dance while in the dress. You need to be sure you can walk down the aisle and move around comfortably on your wedding day!
Debbie (Spring)
Give Yourself Time
Gown shopping is priority on your wedding "To Do" list. Give yourself plenty of time; it can take a few months to receive your gown! It's a special day for others, but primarily, this is your special day. Don't let anyone tell you differently.
Ashley (Smithfield)